DUI Preliminary Consultation


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Quick call with a lawyer following DUI to get general directions.

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Services included in the package

  • The creation of a client file;
  • Compilation and research of the administrative information related to your file;
  • Integration of your file in our digital management system;
  • The request for a copy of your case file with the SAAQ;
  • Help and support from our team of experts and retired police officers if needed;
  • The assignment of an attorney to your file;
  • The request for the disclosure of the legal evidence in your records;
  • Administrative and legal processing of your case;
  • Legal analysis of your situation.
  • Consultation with a lawyer relating to your file, by phone.

This package does not include trial fees or any other legal procedure, as every file is unique. When you will have your consultation with the lawyer, he will suggest an optimal course of action and you can decide together which next steps are best for you, along with associated fees. Don’t forget to send us any document or notice of hearing you may receive relating to your file as soon as possible.