SOS Ticket is moving!

Since June 1st, our offices have moved to 204 Notre-Dame Street West, suite 350, a few blocks away from our old office, in new and more spacious facilities for our team which is growing as we serve a clientele satisfied with the quality of our services.

Our phone number remains the same, (514) 448-4911. You can always call us to ask your questions, or visit our website and the frequently asked questions page.

Here is our location on Google Maps.

SOS Ticket in the media

Our Chief Counsel, Jack W. Rodriguez, is quoted as an expert in the Journal de Montréal article "Here's how to successfully contest a ticket". So, how do you successfully contest your ticket? Here are the tips given in the article:

  • Prepare the evidence: You need to accumulate as much evidence as possible to make your case: detailed photos and notes, exact location of the alleged infraction and the position of the police officer (sketch or Google Map screenshot), number of cars on the road, signs in place, etc. Print three copies to bring to court.
  • Dress and speak appropriately: Dress conservatively, so as to show respect for the court (don't chew gum, don't wear a cap or hat, no shorts... even if it's hot!). By arriving in advance, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the rules of the court: no telephone, no water, no crossing your arms or putting your hands in your pockets...! Address the judge politely ("Your Honor", "Your Honor", etc.) and always wait to be called upon.
  • Make the judge doubt: In short, the judge will acquit you if he believes your version of the facts or if your version is plausible and credible enough to raise a doubt in his mind. If, despite your testimony and the questions the prosecutor has asked you, you have not raised any reasonable doubt about the police officer's version of events, you will be found guilty.
    Among the few wacky examples to avoid is the following excuse: "My black Honda Civic was racially profiled".

Read the entire article here!