Motorcycles and summer tires from March 15: a minimum deadline, not a legal obligation

With the arrival of spring, there's no need to rush into summer mode. Trust your good judgment and common sense!

Finally, slowly but surely, we can see the arrival of spring!

That being said, don't get carried away too quickly! Although summer tires and motorcycles can be installed as of March 15, SOS Ticket encourages motorists to be vigilant and use their good judgment before making any changes.

Indeed, despite the early hour and the increasingly frequent warm weather, we must not fool ourselves: taking for granted that the weather is perfectly in line with the calendar would be rather naive... In light of the many surprises that global warming has brought us over the past few years, it is clear that the seasons follow each other, but are not always the same, especially at this time of year.

Thus, it is not uncommon for the melting of snow and milder temperatures to be interspersed with cold and snowy days. Ultimately, don't rely on the calendar to visit your mechanic and switch to summer mode. Instead, rely on common sense, because unlike the obligation to store your motorcycle and equip your vehicle with winter tires as of December 15, March 15 is a minimum waiting period, not a legal obligation.

Keep in mind that the grip and pressure of your tires are diminished in cold weather and that despite our collective impatience to see the end of summer, current road conditions still require certain precautions, considering that ice and snow still cover many Quebec roads and that temperature variations are sometimes worthy of a real roller coaster ride.

In short, motorcycles and summer tires are not necessarily synonymous with caution at this time of year.

While SOS Ticket understands the impatience to finally enjoy the good weather, we remind you that it's safer to wait until it's here to stay before getting on your motorcycle or changing the boots on your car!

As spring arrives, stay alert behind the wheel!

With a little patience, the summer will soon have you gilded and rewarded!