Top 10 Driving Apps to Avoid Traffic

Some of these apps can warn you about speed traps, alert you if the police are around, and link up with your GPS on how to get to your destination in the shortest possible time. Granted, some apps are localized in terms of their functions, but we can agree that having a rough estimate of your expected time of arrival per route is much better than just rolling the dice and possibly showing up late for an engagement.

Top 10 Traffic Apps

In descending order, here is a list of ten of our best-rated traffic apps:

10. Roadtrippers

 Proclaimed the best trip planner app, Roadtrippers provides traffic information for people who want to go on trips.Granted, anyone can use it, those who find the most benefit are those wanting to go on trips. It provides information on relaxing locations, as well as routes that are not frequently taken, which are the least likely to be congested.

9. Beat the Traffic

This app seems to have been tailor-made for people who have to know absolutely every detail concerning their chosen route.With access to traffic cameras scattered throughout the city, the app notifies you of possible occurrences along your route. It is free and allows drivers to give reports on happenings along routes they are on to both commuters and broadcasters. The emphasis, though, is on daily commuters, which reduces interference from certain ad agencies. However, its reach does not come close to that of Waze when it comes to communal sharing of traffic information.


This app, though unpopular, not only provides worldwide maps of premium quality but also uses low battery power while providing traffic data. It offers turn-by-turn suggestions and allows you to search for utilities and service stations near you. Not wanting to be outdone by the competition, allows users to download maps offline. This feature is especially handy in areas where the cell towers are defective or absent. Unlike Google that can only pull up maps of areas they have scanned, this app allows users to find local trails and hiking trails, even in a new city.

7. NavMii

Dubbed the go-to apps for people who would rather avoid Google, this app provides services similar to Google Maps. Also, the app allows users to filter their routes by sourcing information from apps like TripAdvisor and What3Words. The filtered searches can provide information on utilities and essential services along the way you have chosen. Although it's not so popular, it does its job and even allows you to save search results. Oh, and it's free.


Previously known as 'Here Nokia', this app is a free app that makes navigation as seamless as possible. Whether you decide to drive, get a taxi, take public transportation, call a cab, etc. the app can help. This offline GPS app is not limited by city borders, as it can be used within and outside Canada. Although it requires a big screen for an optimal navigation, it allows you to alter the maps to suit your preferences.

5. Sygic GPS

With a rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play, this is one of the most downloaded traffic apps on the website. It offers high-quality 3D rendering of maps worldwide, as well as of utilities like parking spaces. To further sweeten things up, Sygic alerts you to prices of petroleum at gas stations, and speed limits along the way.

4. CP24 Traffic Alert

Boasting the most updated supplier of traffic updates, this app just might be the future of traffic apps. Not only does it provide visual and audio notifications of congested areas; it does so via a network of fellow drivers. Now available for free download by Android users, the app gives minute-by-minute updates on changes to routes and traffic situations. What's more, it provides the most coverage of the traffic situation downtown.

3. CoPilot

 Boasting the currency of real-time traffic information, this app gives the extra benefit of allowing you to download routes and save maps for later use. Also, you can customize your routes to suit your vehicle type, and although it requires a paid subscription, it runs without a live connection to the internet. The fact that you're allowed to download tons of routes more than makes up for the subscription fee. Plus you can avoid the extra charges that may result when you travel across borders.

2. Waze

This app provides traffic information that is as current as possible, also keeping tabs on possible blockades and road closures. What's more, as it uses traffic information from other Waze users to provide current traffic information, it also alerts people to police sightings and parked police cars. Waze allows users to pin these locations on the map, alerting other users. Just be sure to use a large screen device, otherwise deciphering it could be confusing. It is completely free.

1. Google Maps

Hands down, this app offers the most variety of services, providing options on less-traveled roads and trails, utility stations, etc. Although you need a stable network connection to use it, it's free and easy to understand. In addition to providing a variety of options for you to choose from, Google Maps shows you your estimated time of arrival per route. Neat!

Absolutely nobody likes being stuck in traffic.That alone is reason enough to invest in apps that can provide real-time updates on the traffic situation around you. One common complaint of these apps is that some of the ads they display are intrusive or too frequent. Candidly, that seems like a small price to pay, when compared to the options they offer.