Did you forget to pay your ticket?

What happens when you don't pay your fine on time?

Whether it's as simple as forgetting to pay for a parking meter or a more serious offence such as a hit-and-run ticket, as soon as you get a ticket, you have to make a decision: pay it or contest it. In other words: plead guilty or not guilty within 30 days of the offense. If you do not take a decision, at the end of the 30-day period, you expose yourself to sanctions such as a suspension of your driving license, seizure of your vehicle, an increase in the amount of the fine by late payment fees, etc. 


Failure to act is perceived by the court as an admission of your guilt. In other words: Silence for 30 days = Guilty.

What to do if you forgot to pay your ticket.

If you are still within 30 days of committing the offense, you can challenge your ticket by submitting the not guilty plea found on the back of it. If you have exceeded the 30-day deadline, you have two options: pay the fine in order to avoid other negative consequences as mentioned above or request a retraction of the judgment. Please note, not everyone meets the conditions to undertake this procedure. We recommend you contact a lawyer from SOS Ticket to see if this is a foreseeable solution for you.

To plead guilty.

When you are within the 30-day timeframe, paying the fine is interpreted as an automatic waiver of your rights to a trial, including your right to be heard in the event of legitimate defense. In short, this is one way of pleading guilty. You can consult a lawyer from SOS Ticket to find out if you have a valid case and a reasonable defense to bring forward to a court of law. 

Be proactive and try to negotiate a payment method.

Whether it's because of one or more tickets, the total amount can be high and exceed your available budget. Do not worry, because with a few exceptions, you can make a payment agreement with the Bureau des infractions et des amendes du Québec or with the municipal court involved in your file. Depending on the city or the borough where the violation took place, different payment methods are available to you. Please note, if you do not respect your payment plan, the total balance may be due consequently. 

Consult with a lawyer.

Although this is a violation of the Highway Safety Code, consulting a lawyer from SOS Ticket can certainly help you better understand your options, your potential defense case and the procedure to follow. When you are represented by a lawyer, he or she can appear in court on your behalf, in your absence, for things such as a request to postpone, a negotiation, obtaining evidence in your case, etc. Please note, if you choose to go to trial before the judge, your presence is mandatory even if you are represented by a lawyer.


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