Summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and we find ourselves in back-to-school mode already. Joy and excitement permeate the city as children of all ages go back to class and reunite with their friends. However, extra care should be taken both when we are behind the wheel and as a pedestrian in a school zone. Here is a little reminder of some of the obligations imposed by the Highway Safety Code to keep in mind during this back-to-school period.

Speed limits on school zones.

It is important to respect the speed limits in school zones. Make sure to always drive at 30 km / h in order to protect the safety of children. Being diligent about our driving speed can play a key role in avoiding accidents involving young people. As you may know, children can be easily distracted, and therefore your speed can make a difference in protecting a child's life. It is also important to mention that a speeding ticket in a school zone entails a fine that is double the default fee. 

Mandatory stops.

We must always make our stops in intersections when signs mandate it in order to ensure the safety of road users as well as pedestrians. 

Here are the mandatory actions that the Highway Safety Code expects of us in order to make our stops in accordance with the law :

  1. Completely immobilize our vehicle;
  2. Stop our vehicle no more than 2 feet from the stop line or stop sign;
  3. Wait a certain time (1 to 3 seconds)
  4. Look left and right before setting off again to make sure we are moving forward safely.

School buses.

When approaching a school bus, we must stop our vehicle 5 meters away when the flashing red lights and/or the stop sign are deployed. We must stand still until the flashing red lights go out and/or the stop sign is no longer in use. Finally, before setting off on our journey, we must make sure that we move forward without endangering others.


The Highway Safety Code does not require a driver to stop behind a school bus if he crosses the school bus traveling on the oncoming side of the road if the lanes are separated by a median or another raised physical obstacle.


And there you have it for the little reminder that could make all the difference! If you have any questions regarding your obligations on the road or if you receive a ticket for an offense committed in a school zone, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at SOS Ticket. Happy back-to-school!