Alcohol & guests: Not always easy to manage!

Entertaining relatives? Discover six effective tips to prevent slippage and end the year on a high note!

Controlling the amount of alcohol consumed by your guests is not always easy, especially when you're hosting a large party! Convincing them not to get behind the wheel either!

To prevent abuse and ensure that your guests return home safely, SOS Ticket offers a few tips...

Talk about drive-through services at the beginning of the evening

When your guests arrive, take advantage of their sobriety to let them know what options are available to them at the end of the evening in case of excessive consumption.

In addition to calling a cab, remind them that they can take advantage of the drive home service offered by Operation Red Nose throughout the month of December.

You can also purchase a membership in advance to Point Zero 8, a drive-through company that operates year-round in the Greater Montreal, Laval, North Shore, South Shore and Montérégie West regions. Being a member allows you to offer a ride to anyone who leaves your home.

Since there are many requests for rides during the holiday season, the wait can sometimes be long. Remember to call at least one hour in advance when the party is slowly winding down. Before you make your call, make a group announcement to see who is interested in using the service, as this may create a ripple effect.